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Export through Precision Metal Services

Precision Metal Services, initially an importer, is today a major exporter of American-made products throughout the world.

Our capabilities in the export field can open up new opportunities for you.

Through our staff and offshore agents, we can help you find the right markets in the right countries and can show you how easy exporting can be.

We take care of currency exchange, language, customs regulations, letters of credit, etc. so you can concentrate on what you do best.

If you are interested in exploring the profit possibilities in exporting your products or need someone to handle your exporting economically, contact us. We can help you become a worldwide supplier.

  • EXPORT MARKETPLACE - PMS will review and locate major markets for your products.
  • PRODUCT VARIATION - From semi-finished to finished goods and parts.
  • CUSTOMS REGULATIONS - Our experienced staff has a vast knowledge of the sometimes - complicated regulations involved in importation and exportation.
  • LANGUAGE - Exclusive offshore agents and multilingual personnel ease the often-difficult language barrier.
  • YOUR BUSINESS - Concentrate on your business and allow PMS to open new doors for you.
  • PROFITS - The world is now a global marketplace. PMS can show you how to increase your bottom line.